• Christof Rösch

    Co-Director, Artistic Director Since 1999, Christof Rösch has led the Künstlerhaus as Director and Artistic Director and since 2005 the Fundaziun Nairs. As curator, he will present the Kunsthalle Nairs on three floors with contemporary exhibitions, conceive the cultural program of events and initiate interdisciplinary processes as well as discussions on topics related to the […]

    August 1 2011
  • Sarah Fehr

    Co-Director Since 2017, Sarah Fehr has been responsible for communication, fundraising, projects and the Artists in Residence program at Fundaziun Nairs. The cultural manager and communicator studied Communication and Journalism at the ZHAW Institute for Applied Media Studies. Contact: Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : German, Romansh

    August 1 2011