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  • Hans-Jörg Heusser

    Dr. Hans-Jörg Heusser is an art historian, journalist and business consultant. He now leads his own firm in Zurich for strategic advice on cultural matters. Until August 2010, he was director of the Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA)for around two decades, in Zurich and Lausanne. Under his leadership the SIK-ISEA has developed very dynamically  […]


  • Men Duri Arquint

    Men Duri Arquint studierte bis 2004 Architektur an der Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, wo er sein Diplom bei Prof. Kenneth Frampton (Columbia University NYC) erlangte. Seit 2005 ist er als selbstständiger Architekt tätig und unterhält ein Büro in Chur und Ardez. Zurzeit realisiert er einen Neubau für die Galerie Tschudi in Zuoz, eine Villa […]


  • Gian Linard Nicolay

    Gian Linard Nicolay lives and works in Ardez and Frick. He grew up in Kanton Graubünden and moved with his family in 2007 in his mothers town Ardez. He works as an agronomist and sociologist and is interested in culture and politics. He engages himself in sustainable development and is committed to support good conditions […]