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Christof Rösch is a curator of passion. He practices dialogue as a catalyst to embed the cultural centre as an experimental open house in the area.

Hanneke Frühauf

Art educator and Trustee of the BINZ39 Foundation, 2003

NAIRS Leitmotif 2019
Source country Nairs - Nairs as source of art

Jubilee - Sources
Fundaziun Nairs takes the 650th anniversary of mineral water as an opportunity to artistically address the location with its countless sources. The nucleus of Nair and its history up to the present is characterized by the water of the Inn and the springs in the 'Engadin window'. In the jubilee year of the sources, Fundaziun Nairs focuses on the uniqueness of the place.

Nairs as a source of art. Nairs touches.
Nairs as a resonance room is in many senses of the word our source: Lucius, Bonifacius and Emerita – the mineral springs covered by the Büvetta dome – inspired investors in the 19th century and here at the lowest point of the valley the Kurhaus Tarasp and the ensemble Nairs let arise. The fact that the place has just as much effect today as it did during the pioneering days of spa tourism is confirmed every year by the artists who work here in this environment. Meanwhile, countless (around 1000!) artists around the world are infected with NAIRS; they carry the place of power and its vision into themselves and into the world. Through continuous and in-depth exploration of the place (cite specifity), the artists create a 'climate' that breathes the future of the place based on its own history.

Nairs is the place of sources. Nairs reflects.
To hear the resonating space, to respond to it, to grow with it and to reinterpret it, has nothing visionary about it. It is the place itself that carries the vision. However, to experience this requires a lot of mindfulness and a deepened perceptiveness. Exactly these characteristics bring most artists with; they operate with seismographic precision in a society that is in a deep crisis of perception. Nairs promotes, reflects and communicates the skills of the perception specialists that society desperately needs.

Nairs transforms. Crafts.
The editing and transformation of matter occupy us in different ways. Craftsmanship processes are a natural part of the creation of works of art as well as of Baukultur achievements. In both areas, Fundaziun Nairs 2019 is mainly active.

The hand produces the works. Today no longer a matter of course. The craftsmanship reflects the rediscovery of their own possibilities and making. Through the "making oneself", through the experience in the resistance with the material, a deeper understanding of what is "behind the visible things" can be obtained. Insight through experience allows access to cultural heritage. In an increasingly digitized and dematerialized world, physical and authentic experiences are more valuable than ever.

The landscape as a source of building culture – Project Kalkgewinnung and lime processing as the basis of Baukultur
The wide-ranging and multi-year project began in 2017 with the reconstruction of a lime kiln in Sur En da Sent by Fundaziun Nairs. The vision (2019-2024) is to create identity and continuity. On the basis of the lime kiln, a 'Kalkdorf' will be created, where the burning of lime, the Einsumpfen and processing of lime to the sgraffito technique should be taught. Through the "making oneself", through the experience in the resistance with the material, a deeper understanding of what is "behind the visible things" can be achieved. Only a few specialists know today the backgrounds, recipes and techniques of the material cultural heritage Kalkbrand and its processing methods with the material obtained. Traditional handicraft needs more public awareness of its social value in order to be preserved. The profession of traditional lime processing and the associated knowledge and skills are threatened with extinction. The project "Lime production and lime processing as the basis of building culture" is relevant not only as a sustainable answer to the mass production of global markets and excessive consumption, but also with a view to raising awareness of a meaningful and promising educational and occupational offer for future generations and cultural development.

Christof Rösch, Co-Director and Artistic Director Fundaziun Nairs
January 2019

Kommende Veranstaltungen

  1. 21. Jun   |   15:00 - 18:00 Uhr

    Amis da Nairs — Generalversammlung

  2. 21. Jun   |   18:00 - 20:00 Uhr

    Vernissage «INN-DIARY» und «Jürg Stäuble»

  3. 22. Jun 2019 - 27. Oct 2019|15:00 - 18:00

    INN-DIARY — Eine Ausstellung zu Quellen und Kunst in Nairs

  4. 22. Jun 2019 - 27. Oct 2019|15:00 - 18:00

    Jürg Stäuble — Zeichnungen und Objekte

  5. 28. Jun   |   18:00 - 22:00 Uhr

    Das finstere Tal – Film & Kulinarik