Zdravko Delibašić Beli

Stipendiat 2013


Zdravko Delibašić, born in 1985 in Nikšić, Montenegro, currently works as a teaching assistant at Faculty of Fine Arts, Cetinje, Montenegro, on the subjects of Graphic design of Books and Illustration.

His work spans two disciplines: graphic design and art. In connecting the two, his final pieces are often digital prints or videos. Usually he expresses himself through drawings, dominated by faces without identity. His research in the field of drawing results in representations of an individual in the state of spiritual rest, usually depicted at dusk or in an infinite space. He gives much importance to the light in the drawings, and the ratio of black and white surfaces. Most of his drawings are done on wooden boards in order to to emphasize the texture or visual tangibility, essential for the complete understanding of his work.

He has won numerous awards and scholarships including:
2010 Scholarship Velimir Bucko Radonjic by Montenegrin National Theatre, Podgorica
2008 Annual Award of the Faculty of Fine Arts for Drawing, Cetinje
2007 Annual Award for  Encouragement of Scientific and Artistic Work of Youth of Montenegro, granted by Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, Podgorica.

Significant group exhibitions:
2013 Annual exhibition of Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro, Podgorica.
2012 MOI PARIMI EUX in M.J.C Pichon, Nancy, France
2011 Exhibition: Orientations,Metz, France


Titles of works shown:

1. HAIKU, 2010, Photogram – print.
2. Tre Sorelle, short film.
3. Drawing on the board, 2012, 21.5 x 34.5 x 1.8cm each.

Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : Englisch, Romanisch