Yeb Wiersma

Stipendiatin 2003/2013


Yeb Wiersma, born 1973, lives and works in Amsterdam.

My work moves between visual art, journalism and essay; they’re exercises in motion, in wilderness, in refreshing and wandering off, literally and figuratively and serve as a tool to activate, intensify our playful and critical ways of seeing and thinking. Reading, practicing literature, poetry and roaming around in the unknown are fundamental and valuable ingredients in my work- and research method. They’re functioning as a catalyst to reenter the world in a more vivid, significant and vital manner.


1. ‘Think Of A Storm’. A mapping project at the Dutch Noordoostpolder area. Reflecting on modern, man-made wilderness. 2012.

2. ‘A Song Adrift’, videostill. A young asylum seeker, standing in the Dutch Polder area next to a disarmed lighthouse, signals the prologue of Homer’s Odyssey in morse sign language. 2012.

3. ‘Lift The City Skirts’. Videostill. Boogie Woogie particles are swirling through the air. Part of a future publication in which Wiersma retraces the last working days of Piet Mondrian in NYC. Taking his final works as a starting point to rediscover the vitality of the streets of NYC. 2013.

Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : Englisch, Romanisch