Viviana González Méndez

Stipendiatin 2017

Viviana González Méndez (*1982 Bogotá, Colombia) graduated from Visual Arts at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia, Master in Fine and Visual Arts at Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Master in Aesthetics and Theory of Art at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. Her work is interested in landscapes (urban or natural) and stems from walking through and inhabiting spaces. This process implies an attentive observation and recollection of objects or images that ordinarily pass by unnoticed. Walking – a structural practice in her process – happens for long periods of time and without a defined objective. This is not just a way to find objects or images, but rather they are the testimony of this drift in which space and body merge at the contact between the walker and the landscape.

Bild 1 und 2: Inside/Dentro. Picture by Viviana González. Collected objects, digital pictures and interventions made in Taleggio Valey, North Italy in the art residence NAHR Nature, Art and Habitat 2016. To see more visit
Bild 3: Tracing/ Calcos. Picture by neebex Gallery (From Recolectar / Improducir). Textile plastic, zinc tile and digital photography. neebex gallery, Bogotá 2014
Bild 4: Untitled/ Sin título. Picture by neebex Gallery (From the exhibition Murmur/ Murmullos). Instalation of objects and sound. neebex gallery, Bogotá 2016

Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : Englisch, Romanisch