Sagit Mezamer

Portrait Sagit Mezamer, Foto: Tomas Appelbaum

Sagit Mezamer by Tomas Appelbaum

Sagit Mezamer is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, where she achieved her BFA and MA degrees. She also holds an MA in Psychology from the Tel Aviv University. Her work has been exhibited in Israel and abroad, most recently at the 2nd Herzliya Biennial (2009), and at the Kunsthalle Luzern (2009). She received grants from the America-Israel Cultural Fund (2003 & 2004) as well as the Bezalel Excellency grant (2008). Collections include the Israel Museum Collection and other public and private collections.

Sagit Mezamer produces video installations that are based predominantly on the medium of drawing. One of the last video installation of hers, “Yordei Hasira” (2009, 2010), combines what originally was a set of 23 drawings, which were consequently merged together using digital editing techniques to form a darkly evocative maritime landscape. The title of the work refers to a group of 23 Jewish commando seamen who in 1941 went on a mission to sabotage an oil refinery in Tripoli, but never came back. Apart from hinting at the 23 drawings, which are unrecognizable in the final montage and therefore to some extent lost, the title also places the work in the context of local myth-making.
“Like in the 18th century romanticism, the artist creates a space of mystery, secrecy and desire, though without the characteristic individual need behind it to react against a rationalized world around us. Her romanticism is fabricated, as it lacks any romantic base.” (From a text by Lilliann Fellmann on “Yordei Hasira”)
Shown Works:

Yordei Hasira (23 Missing Drawings), 2009
3 hd video projections on dry wall
170 x 820 cm
Yordei Hasira (23 Missing Drawings), 2009
Cry me a river, 2010
Water color and image projections on paper
56 x 76 cm

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