Reto Pedotti

Since 2015 Pedotti is board member of the new fusion cummune Scuol and responsable for the ressorts school, social network, culture affairs. Before he was 10 years mayor of commune Ftan. He worked 35 years as social worker with kids, young grown-ups and elderly people. At the same time he loves to work as a crofter, which he does with passion until nowadays.

“With my different jobs I was able to encounter many different people and cultures. Traditions, habits, mentalities, languages are for me at the same time passion and provocation. Looking forward und backwards to live a good live is my philosophy.”

Since 2016 Reto Pedotti is member of the NAIRS council as a representant of Scuol.

c Foto: Elisabeth Bardill


Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : German, Romansh