Ralph Hauswirth

Technical manager NAIRS and artist

Ralph Hauswirth came to the world in Chur and has been on the move ever since. Beginning with sculpture in Lucerne he continued to study in Berlin adding photography, then progressing to site specific installation works in landscapes  and specially selected locations.  Eventually he landed in Basel and lives and works there artistically. Has been working for years as technical manager at the Center for Contemporary Art NAIRS.

“Ralph Hauswirth has known NAIRS since his visit in 1991 and based on his studio experience from this time has spent the past two decades.  studying the prehistoric shell stones in Sgné (Scuol) and also the deposits of the mineral springs (Exhibitions  ‘Die Reise zurück 3′ (The journey back 3), 2000, and ‘Guarda Samnaun’, 2005, with Pascal Lampert); plus later further involvements with the cultural landscape of the Engadine in particular with Morteratsch glacier (, transit Engiadina’, 2005,  ‘Actual position ‘, 2007).

Ralph Hauswirth has an ability to communicate between the different layers of time in a simultaneously playful and precise way and thus create the present. With the means of the line, the artist always manages to achieve spatially and temporally unique situations, where humor always has its enigmatic place. Today, the sculptor primarily draws with colored ropes strained in space. For the exhibition RESONANZEN I RESONANZAS Ralph Hauswirth developed a tension structure interpretive of the roof (attic), which intends a reinterpretation of the existing gable. The provisional and ephemeral-looking construction reminiscent of a string framework (scaffolding), which is used before the start of a new building and by precise measurement suggests the Emergent and initiates the construction process. “Christof Rösch, curator NAIRS Resonazas 2011

Contact: r.hauswirth@gmx.net

Artist’s statement

„In search of meaning, one finds a way through the social contact in the life of the people. If you think about it, the opportunity is created to make art. Equal to the technique of climbers, one moves around in rough terrain alike  to make art.

If I’m aware of space, I open my senses.
Through this an experience initiates.

What happens if I work artistically?
This experience finds a way.

So what’s the meaning of this now?
The experience in space, along with the dialogue of contemplation creates a small fortune.

If this becomes tangible through the artistic work, one should be satisfied.”

Work shown:

Nairs, vor anker gehen (to cast anchor), 2011
installation, ropes, wood takellage, concrete, plaster, etc.


Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : Romansh