Maia Iotzova

Stipendiatin 2017


Maia Iotzova is an artist and a filmmaker from Sofia, Bulgaria who is now based in Montreal, Canada. In her practice, Iotzova explores our intimate connections in a world fragmented by social and political forces. She has developed a creative style that draws on her intercultural perspective and mixes visual art, traditional documentary and experimental cinema techniques.

Her first documentary film Grass Though Concrete: The Struggle to Protect the Red Hill Valley (72min, 2004) screened widely in Canada. Her author film Green Dream (50 min, 2015) opened the Sofia Biting Docs Film Festival, Bulgaria, and was awarded Best Feature Film at the 6th International Eco Fest, Romania, 2016. She is the founder of the Wild City Mapping Project (

Iotzova holds a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Guelph, Canada.

images – credit
1. Still from film Green Dream, Maia Iotzova, 2015
2. Still from video installation Love is a Whole Other Creature, Maia Iotzova, 2017
3. Installation shot, From Outside, In – Study of Ruse #2, Maia Iotzova, 2016