Gregor Vogel

Stipendiat 2019

Gregor Vogel Portrait

Gregor Vogel (*1993)
One of my greatest qualities used to be patience, until lately I have become more and more impatient. These days I see impatience as one of my greatest vices and it very often comes hand in hand with a certain state of distraction. When I‘m on the way to an exhibition I think about my friend, when I then talk to her on the phone I‘m taking notes about new ideas for an exhibition in spring. When I’m watching a movie, the back of my head is concerned with paying rent and when I talk about future projects I constantly throw in side notes. The reason I tell this is because it stands metaphorical for the way I work. What do the Nevada desert and a church in Zurich have in common? Me. What is the common denominator of YouTube videos and trying on your friends clothes? I am.
I mainly work in sound, installation and performance.

1 “WAVE” Performance in Kollaboration mit Fernando Obieta, 2018, Photo: Nadine Cocina
2 “Surrogate” Performance und Video in Kollaboration mit Fiona Könz, 2017 Photo: Gregor Vogel
3 “Nevada snow covered” Performance, 2018, Photo: Nadine Cocina