Gisela Göttmann

Administrative director, organisation and PRM

Gisela Göttmann Portrait NAIRS

Gisela Sophie Göttmann works as a cultural manager and has lived in the Engadine since 1997. Her first love is culture and her second the mountains. After 16 years in Berlin it was time to make a move to the mountains. After half a year in the Rocky Mountains and Alaska, where she became involved as a business manager for Four Corners Edition, a small art publishing house, she finally left the culture hub of Berlin and moved to the Engadine paradise. 10 years she lived in Maloja. There she was Operations Manager of a team for the Holiday and Education Centre Foundation Salecina. She then worked in the Academia Engiadina as PR and marketing assistant and as a clerk for accounting/personnel. Since autumn 2006, she has been the Administrative Director of the NAIRS Center for Contemporary Art and is involved in the PRM. She organises the cultural program and the art house. From 2006 to 2010 she was the managing director of Fundazin Vnà and responsible for fundraising and public relations of the decentralised village-hotel Piz Tschütta. In Berlin, she worked for 10 years at the Tanzfabrik (Dance Factory) Berlin as Administrative Director and Production Manager for the Tanzfabrik Company. She studied European ethnology and religious history at the Philipps University in Marburg. Her economic knowledge was acquired at the school of commerce in Giessen.



Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : German, Romansh