Einat Amir

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Einat Amir

Einat Amir

Einat Amir, born in Israel 1980, she currently lives and works in Jerusalem.
Amir achieved her B.Des in the Department of Textile Design, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (2008), and participated in the “Artist in Residence-Program” of Mamuta at the Daniela Passal Art & Media Center (2009-2010). In her works Amir employs combinations of various Medias to explore the human relationship to the natural world, while giving natural processes a contemporary validity through lighting and motion. Amir takes the traditional printmaking methods, and places them out of context, sabotaging them in a way, to create new languages of painting and 3D printmaking.

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(Shown work)

“Inbetween” 2010
Assembly of flock paper (microchip of velvet) and silk print with Drawing

My work “Inbetween” (2010) is a site-specific installation.
It was presented in the framework of the Drawing biennial at the Jerusalem print-workshop.
The work created through the process of dismantling and grafting, the prints became three-dimensional as a result of peeling the print from the wall, the repetition of the prints created a modular pattern which, when disrupted, manages to simulate organic growth and reflects structure of nervous system.

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