Christof Rösch

Artistic director and curator

Christof Rösch, born 1958 in Zurich, graduated from the Higher School of Design in Basel from 1981-1985, in which he held various teaching assignments during/in the years 1987-1995. Scholarships took him to Paris to the ‘Cite Internationale des Arts ‘(1987), to NAIRS (1991) and to the ‘Istituto Svizzero’ in Rome (1997-1999). During his summer residency in NAIRS he developed a love for the cultural landscape of the Engadine, which soon became his adopted home. Since 1999, Christof Rösch has served as the artistic director and curator in NAIRS, operates a studio for art + architecture in Sent and together with the Basel architect Rolf Furrer (from Basel) the studio ‘Schigliana Architects Switzerland’. Solo exhibitions have taken place (among others) in the exhibition space KiFF in Aarau (1995) and in the art room Riehen (2000). As of 1986 Christof Rösch has regularly taken part in various group exhibitions at home and abroad. His exemplary works in public spaces include the ‘Moliniser collection’, Molinis / GR (1995), the plaza design ‘Resonanzen’ of the school building Kaltbrunnen in Basel (1996) and ‘Versuch zur Gegenwart’ at the district school in Baden / AG (1996). The latest ‘NAIRSmobil ‘(2010/11), was a temporary sculptural intervention on various locations in the Engadine. For his artistic and architectural activity Christof Rösch received (among other awards) the 2001 Award of the Alexander Clavel Foundation, Basel, and the ‘award for best buildings Grisons’ for the reconstruction of the house Schigliana 183 in Sent (together with Rolf Furrer). Within his various architectural projects, especially the reconstruction of the ‘Gast- und Kulturhaus Piz Tschütta’ in Vnà should be mentioned, which was opened in 2008. As artistic director and curator in NAIRS Christof Rösch realises numerous exhibitions in the house, conceptualises the cultural program of events as well as initiating interdisciplinary processes and discussions on topics that are related to the regional valley and landscape. The wide-ranging artistic and cultural-historical issues all around NAIRS and the Engadine form a substantial impetus to his work. Since 2016 Christof Rösch acts in the Jury as a consultant.



Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : German, Romansh