Historic Ensemble

The location of the mineral sources of the Inn has always been closely associated with the development of tourism, architecture and social life in the Lower Engadine. The resulting structures of the ensemble from 1864 NAIRS are in the directory of the 100 listed buildings worthy of protection in the canton of Grisons. It is our concern to revive and ensure the future survival of this remarkable cultural and historical ensemble the early days of the Lower Engadine tourism.

The NAIRS Foundation is located in a former bathhouse of the historic spa complex in Scuol Palace Nair, in the municipality of Scuol. The extensive investment of the early days of Engadine tourism is no longer in operation since 1976. It is a listed building and is now recognized as a national monument.

The site consists of three main buildings, the palatial hotel, the spacious bathhouse and stately refreshment stand. Hotel and Pump Room are vacant today and are threatened by deterioration and vandalism. The plant, which also includes a villa, a large garden and tennis courts and a historic bridge is located directly on the banks of the Inn.