Artist-in-Residence Program

… if it were that I could come back, I would not hesitate a minute.

Ana Katsidis

Former scholar in NAIRS 2005

Artists in Residence program

The Artists’ House is located in the bathhouse of the former spa hotel Scuol-Tarasp on the banks of the Inn river. It is located amidst the Engadine Dolomites and is far away from everything. Every month up to 10 fine artists, musicians, composers, writers, dancers, performers and scientists from around the world live and work here.

NAIRS provides a space for focused creative work and an environment for constructive dialogue between the scholars. It sees itself as both a place of work and a meeting place. Individual activity and the exchange between various disciplines characterise the atmosphere in the house. Networking and exchange of artistic ideas are connected with an interest in the Engadine mountains and the daily life and culture of their inhabitants. The results of work created in NAIRS can be shown on the days of the open studios. NAIRS is a place for artistic production, reflection and exploration, and simultaneously makes the contact between artists of different disciplines, critics and the audience possible.

The rooms of the house include nine studios and nine bedrooms, kitchen, lounges and two exhibition halls. The awardees (scholarship recipients) receive a private studio and bedroom or a studio with a built-in bedroom. Up to 10 artists can be admitted per month.

The artists pay a monthly fee of CHF 500.00 (costs of living) to NAIRS. The length of stay can be chosen freely by the scholars. NAIRS tries to coordinate artist’s needs in an optimal way. The minimum length of stay is 1 month, maximum length is 9 ½ months.

Application deadline

Registration deadline for the period mid-February until the end of November 2018 is 31 July 2017
Registration deadline for the period mid-February until the end of November 2019 is 30 April 2018

Selection criteria

Biography, career as an artist.
Autonomy of the previous work.
Working professionally.
Project description for the work stay and motivation for being in NAIRS.
Relation to nature, to the mountains and/or to the Engadine.
Social competence.
Interest in get-together and exchange with other artists.

Selection panel

Dr. Katharina Ammann, head of division history of art and member of the management at SIK-ISEA (Swiss Institut of art history / Schweizerischen Institut für Kunstwissenschaft). She is head of Jury.
Lynn Tino Kost, Curator Graubünden Art Museum Chur, representative of the canton of Graubuenden
Dr. Harald Kraemer, Associate Professor, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, choosen member, alternating yearly or every two years.
Christof Rösch, Director NAIRS, artist, architect, curator, Sent

Decisions of Jury cannot be discussed and are incontestable.


- Application English PDF
- NAIRS – Portrait of an Idea English PDF

- NAIRS – Listing Ateliers, rooms, exhibitionspaces – PDF
- NAIRS – Maps of ateliers, rooms, exhibitionspaces – PDF


Translation available / Traducziun disponibel : German, Romansh